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Lapel Pin Pricing for all Pin Types

Custom Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

This custom lapel pin products are one of the most popular products. It  can touched layer feeling and bright color collocation, which is its feature.
The metal area is higher than the colored soft enamel area.

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Soft enamel Lapel PinsCustom Soft enamel Lapel Pins

Custom Hard Enamel PinsCloisonne Lapel Pins

This custom lapel pin with the appearance of durable, different from the soft enamel pins, it can be electroplating and polishing smooth and flat, in order to keep consistent with metal mold line level, and because of its bright color has a high perceived value.

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Hard enamel , Cloisonne Lapel Pins

Custom Die Struck Pins with Sandblast Lapel Pins

This custom lapel pinis an all-metal look without color. The raised metal area is polished and polished, with a smooth and glossy appearance, while the background of the sag is kept in a frosted texture or sandblasted.

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Sandblast Lapel PinsCustom Sandblast Lapel Pins

Custom 3D Cast / CutOut Pins

This custom lapel pin with multi-level surfaces are provided at multiple angles to create a 3 D appearance. Each customized 3 D pin is polished to remove burrs and any surface defects to create a clean, smooth surface and a uniform and accurate final customized pin pin. It is often used in the design of images such as animals, statues and building replicas.

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3D Cast / cut outcustom 3D Cast / cut out pins

Custom Antique Pins

This custom pin  is made of metal,and the copper or iron is plated. The protruding part is polished, and it has a light metallic luster.The depressed background area is dark, and it is suitable for enterprises and sports prizes.

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Custom Antique Lapel Pins  www.gs-jj.comCustom Antique Lapel Pins  www.gs-jj.com

Custom Offset Printed Pins

This personalized pin is perfect for people who wants to copy the  actual image or image to a pin.

Coating the surface with a layer of epoxy resin to protect it from fading and its appearance.

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Custom Offset printed / printing Lapel Pins  www.gs-jj.comCustom Offset printed / printing Lapel Pins  www.gs-jj.com

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